All-in-One Unit Converter App Reviews

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Currency rates are from August 2012

I normally love this app, but I just realized that exchange rates are over a year old. It used to update on launch, now it doesnt and there is no way to manually force an update.

No recent currency update

No way to force an update. And the conversion rates in seeing now are over a month old. What gives?


I was really hoping for a currency conversion for the Jordanian dinar.

needs better currency display

Its hard to tell if its USD/Euro or v-v. And the way I read it, its the opposite of what it should be. Very bad to get wrong, and important to display clearly!

One of the best, almost flawless!

Ive recently tested over 20 Conversion Apps, and "All-in-One Unit Converter" is one of the best. MY PROS: * Accurate results in 3 of 5 of my essential test conversions (Intl. acre/sq ft, mile/inches, temp) * Has all 11 of the top 11 most common/essential categories * Has 9 bonus categories, including "Currency" and the very useful "Cooking" * Has 1 unique category, "Weight on Other Planets" (hurray!) * Has a "Zone Scheduler," which gives time zones at a glance * Has the ability to bookmark your most-used conversions * User-interface is attractive, and easy to use * Easy to scroll the unit wheel to see additional conversion results * Updated about 5 months ago, indicating that the developers may remain committed to it * $0.99 MY CONS: * Slightly inaccurate results in 2 of 5 of my essential test conversions (gallon/tsp, stone/oz) * Does not retain most recent conversion entry for each category, even within the same session * No ability to add additional categories or units (like myConvert and a2z Pro) This app needs some accuracy improvement and the ability to remember your input, but it is excellent even as it is.

Fuel consumation is incorrect!

A lot of conversion... but fuel consumation is very out of range betwen mil/gal and liter/100km! I hope next update will correct this problem! Good interface and currency is usefull!


Excellent application. I like the interface. Time zone converter is the best Ive seen in the apps store. Can u add Indian sub continent into the time Zone app? Also would like to see unit lengths for nanometer, micrometer, etc.


Very nice and helpful app.

Thanks for the Update

Well it took three versions and two firmware updates to get this app not to crash, but its finally working. Thanks!

Fix it

Crashes every run with OS 3.0. Will ask for refund if it is not fixed.


Crashes on 3.0 dont waste your time.

The best.

The best unit converter. Very nice user interface.

Conversions are Wrong

Fuel consumption conversions are obviously and very basically incorrect. Poor math!

Great app but needs an update for iPhone OS 3.0

Great app! I use it all the time! But since ive updated to the iPhone OS 3.0 it crashes as soon as i try and do anything within the app. I hope that the creator can get it up and running with a new update soon! This is to good of an app to not be able to use!

Crashes in OS3

Loves this app till OS3. now it crashes immediately

Need update to 3.0 iPhone!

Not work on OS 3.0 iPhone, need update.

Crashes in iPhone 3.0 upgrade

This app is not compatible with the iPhone 3.0 upgrade. Prior to my upgrade this app worked nicely. Until the developer upgrades this app, it is useless in current version.


A usefull app with good interface. The home screen is nice to have on something like this as most often I need to know currency and time zones.

Updates are supposed to fix complaints

How can u offer an update and not fix the Gas mileage conversions that so many ppl complained about?!?!? I dont think were asking for much here , are we ?

fuel comsuption covert incorrect

miles per galon and liters per 100km converts wrong

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