All-in-One Unit Converter App Reviews

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The best converter app

Got it free, thanks app sniper!! I still would have paid a buck for it. Easy to use and very helpful for an American living in Canada! This is the app to get if your always trying to convert and sick of waiting for web pages to load for converter sites! 5 outta 5 :)

Nice first try

This app has a great interface and its fun to use. It still need some work. I found the Meeting time conversion feature is very irresponsive when I try to delete a location by swiping. Sometimes, the "Cancel" button for deleting a location does not respond. I think the application also lacks a ruler before it can be called an all-in-one conversion app...

Could be better

While flexible and loaded with various conversions, the user interface is poorly thought out. Message box with null messages shouldnt be showing up in a finished product.


Good app, but it needs more conversions & units in future updates. Otherwise, pretty good.

fuel comsuption covert incorrect

miles per galon and liters per 100km converts wrong


A usefull app with good interface. The home screen is nice to have on something like this as most often I need to know currency and time zones.

The best.

The best unit converter. Very nice user interface.

Fuel consumation is incorrect!

A lot of conversion... but fuel consumation is very out of range betwen mil/gal and liter/100km! I hope next update will correct this problem! Good interface and currency is usefull!

Need update to 3.0 iPhone!

Not work on OS 3.0 iPhone, need update.

Promising but Buggy

Version 1.0, what do you expect? Scheduler: time slider works intermittently--frequently freezing; baseline time seems to go in 1/2 hour jumps, but other times appear to be local time--usually. Selecting other time zones seems to cause frequent crashes. Currency Rates: Seems fine. Converter: Strongly recommend moving keyboard away from the mode selector. As is, it is far too easy to select another mode when trying to hit one of the lower keys (0, ., +/-). Frequent crashes when selecting from conversion menu. Personally, I would make the "slot machine" selector wheels smaller and the keyboard and resulting computation (especially) larger. Bottom line: With a bit more work, it will be a very useful app--but the first go has a LOT of bugs to be worked out.

Despite bugs

4 stars for freeness.. Got to love the advanced conversions..

Impressive range of conversions

Pretty impressive range of conversions in east to find categories. I like the currency converter with at a glance feature.

Wrong pressure conversions

1 bar = 0.002 mbar? 760 torr = 55 Pa? The app shows a lot of promise. However, the first few conversions I checked were blatantly wrong. A converter app that fails its main purpose is somewhat useless...

I can not trust this app

26 MPG *IS NOT* 1.1 l/100km

It seems accurate to me...

...but Im not famaliar with all the conversions.

Updates are supposed to fix complaints

How can u offer an update and not fix the Gas mileage conversions that so many ppl complained about?!?!? I dont think were asking for much here , are we ?

Crashes in iPhone 3.0 upgrade

This app is not compatible with the iPhone 3.0 upgrade. Prior to my upgrade this app worked nicely. Until the developer upgrades this app, it is useless in current version.

Crashes in OS3

Loves this app till OS3. now it crashes immediately

Great app but needs an update for iPhone OS 3.0

Great app! I use it all the time! But since ive updated to the iPhone OS 3.0 it crashes as soon as i try and do anything within the app. I hope that the creator can get it up and running with a new update soon! This is to good of an app to not be able to use!

Conversions are Wrong

Fuel consumption conversions are obviously and very basically incorrect. Poor math!

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